In an increasingly digital world, how development teams work together is changing.

Remote development team members, once reserved for highly specialized skills or the domain of large offshore development centers, are becoming an important strategy in many development teams. Teams are realizing that it's more important to have the right person than the "right here" person.

There is evidence that, far from being a liability, leveraging remote work delivers benefits that go beyond recruiting. Remote workers experience less stress by having more control over their work environment, are happier employees who become more engaged workers, have a reduced carbon footprint due to less commuting or travel and often come at lower cost due to regional wage differences, favorable currency exchange rates, or both.

IT consulting service providers need to adapt by enabling development teams with the technology, tools and techniques that will make them successful.  They also need to expand their thinking, beyond the traditional markets  where they live, and replace a "local presence" mentality with a digital/social media presence. The core concepts of good work plus strong and enduring customer relationships do not change; in other words, the value that a service provider brings doesn't fundamentally change, but how that value is communicated to existing and new customers will be different.

At Online, we provide remote software development services to customers across North America using web development technologies such as AngularJS and enterprise development technologies such as Microsoft .NET and Java. We leverage our talented development team in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, to provide a highly skilled, lower cost alternative to other contract developer options.  For more information on our remote software development services, reply to this post or send me an email at


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