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Insecure Coding CAN Lead to a Zombie Apocalypse

The Well-Aligned Organization

When 24x7 Security is Not Enough

Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2018: Artificial Intelligence

What Genesys Didn't Say About AI at CX18

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Business Analyst Venturing into an OCM Role

5 Tips for Dealing with Multi-Generational Teams

Looking Back at RSA Conference 2018

How GDPR Can Help the Privacy of Facebook Users

How Effective is Your Threat Detection and Response Management Program?

Validating Digital Experiences - Part Two

The Top 7 Things You Need to Know About GDPR

Validating Digital Experiences - Part One

Technology Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Business Cases... Why Bother?

Benefits Management – What Do Benefits Align To?

Choosing the Right Security Operations Capability for Your Organization

The Lowdown on Security Policies – Part Three

Why Asking the Tough Questions Will Help You Make a Better App

What are the Spectre and Meltdown Vulnerabilities?

I failed my PCI assessment - now what?

Objects are Closer Than They Appear – Those “Optional” PCI Changes are Coming Home to Roost

Why Benefits Should Direct Your Project Planning and Delivery

How to Adopt the NIST SP 800-63-B Digital Identity Guidelines and Still Be HIPAA Compliant

Roadmap to Digital Customer Touchpoints

Five ways to make your next app a hit with customers

Building Stronger Business Cases

What You Should and Shouldn't Include in Your MVP

The Future of Digital Experiences

Automated Testing: Five important concepts to help make your testing efforts more effective

The Lowdown on Security Policies - Part Two

Online Security Integration Framework – Part One: Identify

The Case of the Unfortunately Titled Spambot "Onliner" and the Real Onliners Fighting It

Changes to Industry Certification Requirements for QSAs

The Lowdown on Security Policies – Part One

Five Myths about Test Automation

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

OCM = A Project That is Six Times More Successful

Employer Recognition - Why Does it Matter?

Is there “Life After End-of-Lifed” systems and applications?

Undiscovered Trouble – How Online and BMC can help protect your IT assets

Secure by Design - Part Three

You have IAM controls defined - now what?

The role of EMOTION in Experience Design

Secure by Design: Part Two

Secure by Design: Part One

Neural Networks: The Security Bombshell

We all WannaCry – Here’s How to Shed Less Tears

Agile Project Management – The Dreaded Scope Creep

Are your privileged accounts under control? – Part Three: Who’s watching the watchers?

When an Asset Becomes a Liability – Part 2: Uptime is Important, but Insecure Uptime May Be a Liability

What color is your security assessment parachute?

When it comes to customers, your digital experience is just a chapter in their story

Are your privileged accounts under control? - Part Two

When an Asset Becomes a Liability: Uptime is Important, but Unsecure Uptime May Be a Liability

Security Breaches Cost Organizations Far More Than Just Money

Are your privileged accounts under control? - Part One

Taking an IAM View of Verifone's Breach

HIMSS17 is Alive and Well

Have You Heard of Floki Bot Yet?

Post-RSA Conference 2017 Q&A with Dan Lapierre

Protecting the empire goes beyond securing the castle walls: Understanding the importance of audit controls

Cyber Risk is no board game – you need to know when to accept, mitigate, or transfer risk to a 3rd party

The Future of A.I. - According to KDD 2016

I failed my PCI assessment - now what?

The three questions all CISOs should be prepared to answer (Part Three)

The three questions all CISOs should be prepared to answer (Part Two)

The three questions all CISOs should be prepared to answer (Part One)

If Patching Vulnerabilities Were so Easy Everyone Would Do It

The Ostrich Effect - Part Two: How Do You Fix the Problem?

The Ostrich Effect - Part One

Have You Vetted Your Business Partners Lately?

Information Security 2016, Highlights and Trends

How to meet your cybersecurity needs when unemployment is at 0%

The Lessons of Fukushima Daiichi for Cybersecurity

Five Ways AppDynamics Can Improve Your Security Posture

The normalcy bias and its impact on security

Why Digital Experience?

Leverage Your Existing ITSM Investment to Do More!

The Broken Record That is HIPAA Breach Settlements

Can you hear me now? Cybersecurity in the boardroom...

Is Your Genesys Environment Secure? (Part Two)

Why Healthcare InfoSec Requires a Special Treatment Plan

Is Your Genesys Environment Secure? (Part One)

The Challenges of Securing Genesys CX

I've Been Pwned! Now What?

Be prepared! What to do if you’re compromised

Prepare, Mon Frère, Against Ransomware

What is "Reasonable" Security?

Delta is Ready When You Are...But Are Their Systems?

Where in the World is "The Cloud"?

What is the Cloud and why Should my Organization be Using it?

Shanty or Fortress? How Application Development is Like Building a House

"You've Got Mail!" - Now how do you move it?

Top 10 Considerations When Moving to the Cloud

Attention Service Providers – Penetration Testing on Segmentation is Now Required Every Six Months

The (Security) Business Case for Moving to the Cloud

Top 3 Factors for Delivering a Successful Service Management Project

The University of Calgary Under Siege

The First 15 Minutes - Common Pen Test Findings

PCI DSS 3.2 Standard Released – Here’s What you Need to Know

Do You Know Jack About Managing Cybersecurity Risk?

Don't have your head in the clouds – protect against risk in your cloud environment

Stop Falling for Phishing Attacks – 4 Tips

Preventing PIN PAIN: One Thing You Can do Right Now to Thwart Credit Card Skimmers

5 Concepts: Making PCI Compliance Less Painful

Is PCI Broken? Why is the FTC Stepping in?

SSL/TLS Migration Time - Don’t get caught SSLeeping

Gone in 60 Seconds – Lessons Learned and Pointers from my Smash-and-Grab

Remote Software Development - Your Team is Online

Time to Stop POScrastinating

Can you Avoid Becoming the Latest Security De-pants Victim?

Purpose Driven Testing

Just a few Steps Away From PCI Nirvana?

What Good is a Steel Door with a Cheap Lock?

Who is Your Nigerian Prince THIS Week?

The Manifesto

Taking on the Challenge of Mobile App Testing: How to Test Cross-Platform

What is Knowledge Management?

Making Your Applications More Secure – Doing Your Part

The Five Principles of Interaction Design

Going Long – A Tale of Two Passions: Business Transformation and Triathlon Training

Effective Unit Testing – Part 4: Entity Framework (continued)

Remember to Review Risk

User Centered Design: Thinking Outside-In

Are You Just Going Through the Motions for Your Risk Assessment?

Effective Unit Testing – Part 3: Entity Framework

Online’s Open Source ESB Solution

Asking the Right Questions

Effectively Managing Requirements

The Importance of Well-Planned Analysis Handoffs

Believing in Organizational Change Management

The Debit Card Conundrum

A BA by any Other Name…

Storytelling: Is it Just for Children? Or is it Also an Effective Change Management Tool?

Reflections on Microsoft Build 2014

Code Reviews: Benefits and Pitfalls

The Future of Business Analysis

OpenSSL is More “Open” Than we Thought! Is Your Data Safe?

The Importance of Requirements Traceability

A Journey from Clipper to User-Centered Design

Introducing Project Audits: Importance, Benefits and Preparation

Will the (XP) World End on April 8?

Refactoring Code to meet SOLID Design Principles - Part 2

The Motivation of Loss vs. Gain

Effective Unit Testing – Part 2: Dependency Injection

If You Don't Have a System, You Will be Going Into Somebody Else’s

An Introduction to the “Decision Model and Notation” Standard

The Value of an MBA in Today’s Economy

Refactoring Code to Meet SOLID Design Principles – Part 1

To Teach is to Learn

BlackPOS Down – Takeaways from Target Breach, and What You can do to be Proactive

Speedboat Technique

External Content Types in SharePoint 2010

Don’t be a Target – Thoughts on How to Stay out of the Crosshairs

SharePoint Object Hierarchy

Overview of Rayleigh’s Defect Prediction Model

Tips to Providing Feedback

Reflections on the 2013 BBC Conference

Effective Unit Testing – A Developer’s Journey - Part 1

Android Apps for Business Analysts

Project Search and Rescue

Multiple Dimensions of Improving Findability

Mind Shift Necessary When Adopting Oracle Fusion Middleware – Part 2

Enterprise Mobile Applications: You Need a Strategy – Part 2

Give New Life to Your Tools - Make Them Open Source on GitHub

Running Effective Sprint Retrospectives: or, How I Learned to Stop Being the Expert and Learn From my Team

Mind Shift Necessary When Adopting Oracle Fusion Middleware – Part 1

Enterprise Mobile Applications: You Need a Strategy – Part 1

Responsive Web Design

Multiple Eclipse Configurations

Don’t be THAT Company – Visa Provides Guidance to Protect your Payment Data (here are nine things to consider)

Estimating With Confidence

PCI DSS 3.0 Coming Soon – The Sooner you Fall Behind, the More Time you Have to Catch up

The Multi-Device Web

SharePoint Content Types

Replatforming Access to Something Mobile/Web-ish…

Open Source ESB Search - Part 2

Totally Unofficial "Build 2013 Awards"

What is DevOps?

An Introduction to Cloud Foundry

Open Source ESB Search - Introduction

Key Questions Every Business Requirement Must Answer

Successful Technical Presentations – It’s All About Setting Expectations!

Who is Driving the Change Bus?

BABOK Version 3: What Business Analysts Can Expect

The Problem of Velocity

Lean Six Sigma: What I’ve Learned and how it has Changed my way of Seeing and Thinking

HTML5 – The Future is in Your Browser

Brace Yourselves – Java 8 is Coming! (Part 3 of 3)

Paper or Plastic – Visa Makes Recommendations for Grocers to Protect Credit Cards

Creativity and Innovation: Care and Feeding of…

Brace Yourselves - Java 8 is Coming! (Part 2 of 3)

Intelligent Gamification

CSS Preprocessors

9 Simple Tips to Increase Your Information Privacy Zen

Brace Yourselves - Java 8 is Coming! (Part 1 of 3)

Where is Your Organization Going and How Will it Get There?

The End is Near

Software History: Software Creativity

WaveMaker – Get ‘er Done!

TFS and Continuous Deployment Part 4: Parameterized Deployments

E-Commerce Security Guidelines - Warm off the Press!

Delivering Bad News: The Art of Saying No

Enabling New Team Skills

Riches to Men of Understanding

Large Retailers – Can You Reduce Your Quarterly Vulnerability Scanning Pains?

Software History: Waterfall – The Process That Wasn’t Meant To Be

Building Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Think Again – Even Credit Card Data in Memory is not Safe

Nine Reasons to Build Your First Mobile App

PCI QSAs: Which do You Want – Thorough or Check-the-Box?

Language: A Must-Have for Any Analyst’s Toolkit

Finally, Some Answers About Formal Risk Assessments – Put Away Your Bowtie

TFS and Continuous Deployment Part 3: Creating Team Build

Software History: Peopleware

Utilizing Conferences as Professional Development

The iPad as Productivity Tool – Fact or Fiction? (Part 5)

Sketching To Make Great User Experiences

Software History: Learning from our Legends

Handling User Experience Design Disagreements

The iPad as Productivity Tool – Fact or Fiction? (Part 4)

TFS and Continuous Deployment Part 2: Preparing the Project

We Need New Skills for the New Projects

The iPad as Productivity Tool – Fact or Fiction? (Part 3)

Mobile Apps 101

User Centered Design: What’s in it for Your Client?

My Love Affair with SharePoint 2010

The iPad as Productivity Tool - Fact or Fiction? (Part 2)

TFS and Continuous Deployment Part 1: The Lay of the Land

Who Are We Building For?

Introducing the "Tao of Online" Mobile Application

The iPad as Productivity Tool - Fact or Fiction?

What is Benefits Realization Management?

Microsoft Cloud Computing

Managing Package Implementation Projects

Cloud Based Authentication

Sprint 0: A Plan for Project Discovery

Taking Charge of Your Career

Five Tips for Designing a Successful Mobile Experience

Get Reworked

Managing Remote Teams and Projects

Getting Things Done with OmniFocus

Scrum Puts the “Science” into “Computer Science”

New Features in VS.NET 11 and .NET 4.5

Repository Pattern – Beyond the Generic Repository

What is Successful Change Management Anyway?

Polyglot Programming

Right-Sizing UX: Running With Scissors and Making It Work

ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API: HTTP Isn’t Just For Browsers Anymore

An Overview of Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Organic SEO Growth

On the Road to Service Management Organizational Transformation

Social Media for Business: Five Ways to Ensure Success

What’s On My iPad?

Defining Service Management Process Measures

So, You’re the Lone UX Resource on the Project… Now What?

Social Media and the Changing Face of Privacy

We’ve Tried Nothing And We’re All Out of Ideas

Scrum For Your Life! – It’s the Pomodoro Technique

Sourcing Matters

Agile & UX: Playing Well With Others

The Legend of HTML5

What You Need to Know About Windows 8

The Full-Service “Information Services (aka IT) Catalogue”

Password Best Practices

Effective Leadership is About Trust

Rethinking Requirements – Gathering Information in an Agile World

Designing the Experience

Cross Platform Mobile Applications: Pipe Dream or Ready for Prime Time?

SEO for the Developer

A State of the Java Union

Agile - The Monster in the Closet

Natural User Interface

Smart Card Framework: What are we doing? (Part 1)

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