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Asking the Right Questions

Posted by Brent Whitfield on Jun 16, 2014 3:00:53 AM

Have you ever seen the movie “Zero Effect?” It stars Bill Pullman as a Private Investigator. In it, he says, “The best way to follow someone is to get where they are going, first.” In a lot of ways, the job of a Business Analyst is like being a Private Investigator. Both jobs require observation skills, listening skills, creative problem solving, and of course, the ability to ask the right questions.

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Topics: Business Analysis, Professional Effectiveness

If You Don't Have a System, You Will be Going Into Somebody Else’s

Posted by Brent Whitfield on Feb 24, 2014 2:24:35 AM

I recently took part in a course called “Mastering the Complex Sale” by Prime Resource Group. One key thought the instructor, Jeff Thull, communicated really stuck with me: “If you don't have a system, you will be going into somebody else’s.” This thought is really becoming one of my mantras as it relates to me as a consultant and to consulting companies.

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Topics: Professional Effectiveness

To Teach is to Learn

Posted by Brent Whitfield on Jan 27, 2014 12:28:33 PM

I come from a long line of un-athletic and immensely uncoordinated people. I'm not sure if it is despite this or because of this that Karate-do fits so well with me. I began practicing Karate-do when I was a long-haired incredibly awkward 13-year-old. I was built more for math and logic than sports. What I had going for me were fierce determination and role models from TV: Ninja Turtles, Jean Claude Van Damme, and countless cheeky 80's ninja movies.

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Topics: Business Analysis, Leadership, Management Consulting

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