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When a Design Sprint isn’t a Sprint: Lessons Learned from Doing a Design Sprint in Slow-Motion

If you’re already familiar with Design Sprints, then you’re also familiar with one of the hardest parts of running one—getting everyone to dedicate an entire week to the process. If you’re unfamiliar with what a Design Sprint is, it's defined by the author of Sprint as a, “five-day process for solving problems and testing new ideas.” (If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read the book.)

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By Kevin Guenther on Oct 11, 2018 12:49:54 PM
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Validating Digital Experiences - Part Two

In the first part of this blog, I covered how organizations of all kinds are increasingly adopting user centered Design Thinking practices instead of dreaming up features or digital products they think their users need. I then discussed the MVP Effort, Proposed Solution, and Aim steps of the infographic below. In this final part, we will be covering viability milestones during the post-launch impact stage, including how to track the milestone's using your metrics system and what warning signs to look for that could indicate you’re not hitting all six of them. 

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By Kevin Guenther on Mar 28, 2018 10:00:00 AM
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Validating Digital Experiences - Part One

Organizations of all kinds are increasingly adopting user centered Design Thinking practices instead of sitting around boardroom tables with their peers, dreaming up the next big feature or digital product they think their users need. But depending on your company culture and organizational structure, you may still be finding it challenging to break the “grand assumption” habit.

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By Kevin Guenther on Mar 16, 2018 1:31:53 PM
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Why Asking the Tough Questions Will Help You Make a Better App

With Christmas trees getting wrapped up for the chippers and the feelings of celebration, togetherness, and giving diminishing to their normal levels— comes that familiar feeling of buyer fatigue. Whether we’re questioning the impact or necessity of the gifts we gave, wondering if we’ve gone overboard or are simply just happy that all the running around is over. A lot of us are just feeling tired at this point in the season. Tired of just buying… stuff.

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By Kevin Guenther on Jan 17, 2018 2:45:25 PM
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Roadmap to Digital Customer Touchpoints

In today’s world, information is available to anyone with a simple swipe on a smartphone. With this ease of interaction, customers are increasingly rejecting traditional brand touchpoints, such as print media, and focusing their time on personalized interactions that are designed with the customer in mind. A future filled with digital experiences is closer than we think and we need to adapt, or be lost, to this new reality.

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By Heidi Deras on Nov 30, 2017 4:25:05 PM
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Five ways to make your next app a hit with customers

What does it mean to have a hit product? Think about the last time you downloaded an app that you felt excited about using. Then actually used it, regularly. An app that you found useful, yes, but also pleasurable. You’re probably going to be hard-pressed to come up with an example outside of Angry Birds, right? Well that’s the goal that we set for ourselves here at Online. We don’t just want to make apps that are useful, we want to build apps for our clients’ that are a hit with their users.

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By Kevin Guenther on Nov 22, 2017 11:41:52 AM
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The Future of Digital Experiences

The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.

-William Gibson


We have entered a very dynamic period of customer expectations and digital capabilities, where great experiences are possible, but are often very disappointing. The shift from hardware innovation to software innovation as a focal point of user experience means every app developed has the potential to be the best in its class, or immediately cast into digital oblivion with an “uninstall”. Organizations must accept this new responsibility and adapt to become more innovative and user-centric.

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By Kevin Sigmundson on Oct 25, 2017 4:27:39 PM
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The role of EMOTION in Experience Design

A Quantitative, analytic and evidence based approach is inhibited by the fact that 

people are predominantly emotional decision makersDr. Alan Duncan (Research Director at Gartner Consulting)

How do you want your customers to Feel? 

Conversations around Feelings and Emotions in the era of Enterprise Technology often take a backseat to delivering on other universally accepted metrics, qualities, and standards. 

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By Anup Lobo on Jun 14, 2017 4:19:33 PM