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The Beginning

In the beginning, if the business needed an application built, they went to the IT department, participated in a pleasant Waterfall SDLC and eventually had a shiny new application sitting on the Mainframe.


ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API: HTTP Isn’t Just For Browsers Anymore

The samples and walkthroughs of the Web API in the ASP.NET MVC 4 beta have been proliferating ever since it was released a few weeks back. Rather than rehash them here, I’d like to point you in their direction and then spend some of this space to talk about the implications of this latest development in Microsoft’s web stack.


Organic SEO Growth

First step to Organic SEO Growth - Keywords

It is unrealistic to expect a new website to receive thousands of hits within its first couple of months of life unless you want to pay for it through pay-per-click advertising.  Doing so can be costly and will drain your marketing budget faster than you can say “conversion.”  A proper website looks to increase its organic hits through proper keyword usage.   So when you get those emails promising the number one spot in Google in a matter of days you should just delete them.  Yes, you may very well hit the number one spot, but likely only for a couple of days before you get penalized for black-hat SEO practices and disappear from Google completely.


SEO for the Developer

Search Engine Optimization is critical for any website’s organic search results and starts before the first line of code is written for a new website. While great content will always be king with respect to SEO it is nothing without the proper support of a website that ensures that content goes into the right places and is easily accessible.