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Do you Have These Misconceptions on Agile Retrospectives?

We often gain a helpful perspective in life when we pause to look back, evaluate and learn before we move forward. We can gain valuable lessons by considering the past - what worked well, what could be done better or what should not be done, and adjusting our forward plans accordingly. This thoughtful reflection of the past is what is called:

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By Anshul Srivastava on Nov 28, 2019 10:12:57 AM
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Can our Scrum Master be our Agile Coach?

Last fall I had the chance to share some thoughts about the value of Agile Coaches in a post I entitled 4 Ways an Agile Coach Can Boost Your Agile Adoption.  In that post I recommended that the Scrum Master should not act at the Agile Coach – this recommendation prompted several fellow Agile practitioners to reach out to me for clarification around WHY I was asserting this recommendation.  Many of them reminded me that the Scrum Guide™ mentions that coaching is one of the foremost responsibilities of a Scrum Manager and others reasoned that an experienced Scrum Master should be able to carry out most of the responsibilities that I have outlined for an Agile coach in my blog.

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By Dipanjan Munshi on Feb 19, 2019 1:05:20 PM
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3 Reasons Why Agile Adoption Should not be Your Goal

As Agile coaches, it is not uncommon for us to encounter companies that have made adopting Agile a priority in their organization but have come under scrutiny for not delivering any specific business value - despite what was promised. In many of these cases, we have seen these organizations revert back to their traditional ways of delivering projects, while others take a mix and match approach relegating Agile only to small co-located projects.

This pattern has caused me to step back and consider why this is happening.  In the end I think it’s because we are setting the wrong goal.

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By Dipanjan Munshi on Nov 1, 2018 3:02:35 PM