Career Development and Mentorship 

All Onliners are empowered to continuously learn and grow in their careers at Online. We invest in our people and are committed to their development through special programs and initiatives such as:

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Professional Development (PD) Program

Onliners are provided generous annual budgets of dollars and days. The program is structured so that Onliners can invest in professional development that benefits their professional growth and the work they are doing for the client. PD budgets can be used towards internally offered courses, industry seminars, university courses, certifications, books, professional association membership fees, magazine subscriptions, and software.

Career Mentor (CM) Program

Career Mentors (CMs) support the growth and development of small teams of Onliners through mentorship, coaching, and career planning. They play a critical role in helping to create an environment where Onliners feel supported and can thrive, and in facilitating open dialogue and alignment around common goals. CMs help their team members assess where they are today, and help them navigate career plans and training so that it is aligned to future needs. Our CM’s are an extension of our leadership team and this program provides them with leadership experience.

Competency Leader Program

Our Competency Leaders provide guidance and leadership to Onliners and develop and maintain Communities of Interest to foster the growth of skills and knowledge in their specific area of expertise. Competency Leaders are also encouraged to get involved in industry groups that are related to their domain, developing greater visibility within the community through speaking engagements, blogging, and participation in external forums.

Certification Program

Certifications provide our consultants with credentials that acknowledge their skills and are an objective way for Online to identify individuals who have the skills required for specific roles or projects. This program incents certifications, relative to the strategic needs of Online, through additional professional development hours and dollars.

Lunch & Learns

Onliners are encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with each other through Lunch & Learn presentations on specific competencies or technologies, project overviews, learnings from conferences attended, etc.

Tech Communities

Onliners with common technical interests are encouraged to share ideas and knowledge through Communities of Interest. These might take the form of book clubs, tech jams over a pizza lunch, Slack discussions, or whatever works best for the group.

Growth Through Goal Setting and Continuous Feedback

Rather than looking back at an individual’s performance over the past year, Online looks forward by supporting Onliners in setting goals and working to achieve them. We recognize that for individuals to grow in their current roles or to assume new roles, there must be ongoing, two-way communication. This is not just a once-a-year event. It’s part of the reason we encourage Onliners to request and provide real-time, honest feedback for each other. Onliners are receptive to feedback as they have a true desire to grow their skills – both technical and soft. They are continually striving to learn and be better. It is just part of their DNA.