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EDIST Presentation

It's not enough to be digital, you must engage.

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Download a copy of Onliner Kevin Sigmundson's EDIST 2018 Conference presentation.


    "From Projects to Products"                           

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The product development lifecycle is not the same as the traditional project lifecycle. Download this infographic to view the roles and the cycle of product development.


Five ways to make your next app a hit with customers.


Looking to build better apps that your customers will love? Download this checklist that breaks down the five ways you can make your next app a hit with customers.                                                


Other Supporting Material  

Below are a number of blogs you may find helpful as you strive to create stronger, more engaging, digital experiences for your customers. 


Digital and Customer Experience Blogs


Roadmap to Digital Customer Touchpoints

How do you know if your customer touchpoints are on track? Onliner Heidi Deras gives you some simple steps to follow to ensure your digital product is exceeding customer expectations.
Five ways to make your next app a hit with customers From skipping instructional on-boarding screens to rewarding users, Onliner Kevin Guenther presents five ways you can make your next app a hit with customers.
The Future of Digital Experiences Kevin Sigmundson explains how software development has become the new home of digital experience innovation.
The role of EMOTION in experience design

This blog from Online's Digital Studio takes a look at the role of human emotion in digital experience design.

When it comes to customers, your digital experience is just a chapter in their story

Kevin Sigmundson returns to discuss the importance of being attuned to your customers' goals when creating a new digital experience.

Why Digital Experience? Onliner Kevin Sigmundson on how digital experience/digital transformation is changing the way customers interact with organizations.