Robotic Process Automation


What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next generation of business process automation technology that leverages bots or artificial intelligence to complete repetitive tasks. RPA has the potential to completely transform the entire customer experience, ultimately reducing data entry errors and transaction times, and enhancing the exchanged communication for customer-facing process automations. Together with our partner UIPath, Online has the expertise and skillset to help any organization use RPA to develop and grow their business ventures.

Why Should Your Organization Consider RPA?

Service Overview

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Our RPA team works with our clients to help them to establish the scope of their RPA program. assess the suitability of candidate processes, define expected ROI and ultimately help implement RPA initiatives.

Four Steps to Implementing Robotic Process Automation


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RPA is a great fit for companies that have repetitive processes with low exception rates. Bot solutions can be deployed rapidly and are easily integrated into your business.

Identifying High Impact Processes for Robotic Process Automation


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Take a closer look at the first steps, Identifying Processes, and learn how you can maximize your RPA investment by selecting high impact processes that deliver immediate ROI.

Meet Some of our RPA Team



Senior Project Manager & Senior Business Analyst

Karl Schwab is one of Online's Business Consultants working out of our Winnipeg Office. Since joining Online Karl has had the opportunity to grow his professional portfolio to include some challenging and relevant industries such as healthcare delivery and research, agribusiness, logistics media, and insurance. He will now be extending his portfolio even further as he becomes a key component of our growing RPA practice.

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