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For over 10 years healthcare has been the #1 targeted industry for cybercrime. Cybersecurity challenges are continually evolving through the constant adoption of new and increasingly sophisticated technology.

Hospitals find themselves under a lot of pressure to operate securely, while regulations such as HIPAA require trusted security programs be in place and continually updated. Unfortunately, the risk of a breach has never been higher.


Obtain expert guidance when you need it with a Virtual CISO.

Organizations that hire vCISOs report savings of up to 80% when compared to a full-time CISO role.


Breach-Protection-vCISO  Breach Protection for Client Data

The average cost to an organization that suffers a security breach is $7m. An Online vCISO safeguards your patients' data by participating in strategy meetings and developing policies and key security management processes- all with an eye towards communication, mentorship and reducing the risk of breaches associated with penalties and fines. 

Cost-Effective-security-partner-vCISO  Cost-Effective Security Partner

Organizations that hire vCISOs report savings of up to 80% in comparison to a full-time CISO. Online's vCISO service is backed by an entire team of top-tier security professionals. Intelligent, advanced and measurable improvement to security posture become a reality for small-to-medium sized healthcare organizations like yours.





Lee Buttke is a Director with Online Business Systems and
leads the vCSIO practice. Lee is focused on creating and
implementing consistent, high-quality solutions
that assist organizations with managing security, risk and compliance.
With more than 20 years of executive leadership, Lee has
focused on building teams involved with application security,
security program development, regulatory compliance and assisting organizations in security initiatives.

As a Director of Online's Risk, Security and Privacy practice, Rob brings business and technology expertise from over twenty-five years in Information Technology. Rob specializes in his advisory services to healthcare companies working to address complex technology
solutions that align with their key business objectives while
maintaining its security and compliance posture.


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What can a vCISO From Online
do for Your Healthcare Organization?



Online's experienced vCISO can establish an information security strategy and business alignment, create a security steering committee and develop an information security project charter.

SecOps-vCISO-mitigate threats

Security Operations

A vCISO from Online will work with you to build out effective and all-encompassing capabilities to reduce and mitigate threats. 


Risk Assessment

You can depend on our vCISO to assess and facilitate treatment of identified risks through enterprise management and audit committee using a risk register.


Compliance & Audits

Reduce the stress of audits with a vCISO from Online, to help you manage and facilitate readiness for external audits
(PCI, SOC2, HIPAA), track remediation of audit findings, and assist you with completing tedious third-party security questionnaires.


Risk Management

The risk of breach attempts on your patient data is inevitable, but our best practices and expertise will assess and facilitate remediation of those identified risks through enterprise management, and provide you with an audit committee using a risk register.


Security Architecture

Online's Risk, Security & Privacy team will oversee and make recommendations on your network segmentation, provide remote access controls, and establish cloud architecture security assessments.

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Top 5 Signs you Need a vCISO   

We all have heard the stories and maybe you have even lived it, speech is going to change the IVR customer experience.
With speech, your customers will find it easier to navigate the front-end system to either serve themselves or get to the person with the right skills to fulfill their service request or question quicker. Sound familiar?





When to get a Threat-Based Risk Assessment

"Threat-based risk assessments should be conducted annually
at minimum, and also when a company is experiencing any elements of organizational or technical change."
-Adam Kehler, Director of RSP Healthcare Services Risk






Give Your Patients' Data a Clean Bill of Health

Even though compliance with the standards of HIPAA Security Rule have been required for over 14 years, the specifics on how to comply are still widely misunderstood in the healthcare industry. Security Risk Analysis is not a checklist, description of security controls, or a vulnerability scan.

It is a thorough and accurate assessment of risk to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient information.



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