What if you could precisely tailor your customer experience (CX) to meet your customers' needs no matter how they articulate them?

Imagine a future where AI and Data not only enhance but transform customer interactions. That future is here and now.

Join us on February 15 at Pittsburgh Blue Steakhouse for lunch, and we’ll explore how leveraging these powerful tools can elevate your customer experience to unprecedented levels.

February 15, MPLS - Data & AI (323x970) copy-1

Join Our Luncheon


11:30 am - Doors Open

11:45 am - Welcome Networking & Refreshments

12:00 pm - Lunch & Presentation

1:15 pm - Refreshments & Networking


Thursday, February 15
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

What you'll learn:

Learn how to transform customer interactions with AI: Dive into unstructured data, discover AI solutions, and explore future trends.

Get AI Prepared

Strategies for effectively managing large volumes of data and setting the foundation for AI integration.

AI-Powered Solutions

Explore Large Language Models (LLMs) and Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) and their impact on enhancing customer experience and operational agility.

Real-World Applications

Discover how modern contact centers use AI to redefine service standards in service excellence and operational efficiency.

Future Trends

Uncover emerging trends in data and AI within the Customer Experience (CX) landscape, preparing you for the future.

Meet Our Speakers

Chris Theriault - Data & AI copy-1

  Chris Theriault
  Senior Director
  Customer Engagement
  Online Business Systems


Chris Theriault is passionate about exceptional customer service. Chris advocates for the evolution beyond traditional "Call Centers" to modern, multi-channel Contact Centres. With a focus on adapting to today's plugged-in world, Chris excels in providing innovative solutions for Contact Centres to meet enterprise needs and engage customers through all available communication platforms.




Mark Struck - Data & AI copy-1

   Mark Struck
   Principal Consultant
   Digital Transformation
   Online Business Systems


Mark, an Actuary with over 20 years of experience, specializes in data and AI. He has expertise in creating analytic systems and understands both the technical and cultural aspects of AI adoption. Currently, he is a Principal Consultant at Online Business Systems Global and the Chief Analytics Officer at Max Analytics, where he applies his skills to amateur athletics.