Our Response Guide 

Almost overnight, organizations like yours are having to adjust their operating models due to unplanned demands. 

Properly responding to these unprecedented challenges is difficult and is leaving many leaders scrambling for answers, resources, and cost-effective strategies to address them in real-time. Our internal teams and extensive partner network have come together to compile a variety of solutions that can address your most immediate concerns, and provide you with the reassurances you need to achieve business operations.

How, and when you respond matters.

Below are some of the most common and immediate challenges that have been brought to our attention by clients. Expand the topic to find an immediate available solution. We will be updating this list as more of your valued inquires are received.


Overwhelmed IT Support Staff


The volumes of requests for help has experienced an incredible spike of activity in mere weeks. The impact has been felt by your staff and your clients as they reach out for guidance and support. 

This new reality likely means your Service Desks need help responding, triaging and managing the increased workload efficiently.

BMC’s Digital Workplace and BMC Helix Chatbot can rapidly deploy AI-enhanced self-service capabilities that not only capture and manage these requests, but can also provide knowledge management, self-service and automated fulfillment.  


Lack of Infrastructure for VPN & Remote Workers

Lack of Infrastructure

The infrastructure in your environment has to be reconfigured to adjust to critical business requirements - with almost no notice.  Your teams have been mandated to work remotely and that is taxing your infrastructure. 

By using tools like BMC Discovery we are able to find unused (or under-used) infrastructure in your environment and redeploy it to help address demand. 

Tools like BMC Helix Cloud Cost Control, allows us to analyze cloud-based resources as well and we look for performance issues using a combination of BMC Helix Monitor and TrueSight Operations Management.


Enterprise Security During Rapid Change

Enterprise Security During Rapid ChangeYou need to ensure the stability and security of your systems during this period of rapid change.

Our team of security advisors works closely with our IT operations team to bring a  holistic view on how to ensure your security posture remains strong. 

BMC Helix Remediate and BMC Helix Cloud Security,  can rapidly bring context to your vulnerabilities, verify compliance to policies and standards, and even automate remediation activities to keep your rapidly changing environments safe and secure.



Need to stand up Call Center Infrastructure for Remote Workers

Lack of Call Center InfrastructureGetting your call center teams setup up to work on computers remotely is only half the battle.  Getting their phones set up at home so they can answer calls can be much more complicated, especially if you have to redeploy an entire call center. 

Whether you need advice on options for your existing telephone environment or you need to implement an emergency solution in hours or days instead of weeks or months we can help.  We have a rapid assessment we can work with you on to identify gaps in your existing infrastructure and help you resolve them.



Internal Communication Challenges due to HR Constraints
Internal Communications

HR departments are currently understaffed and overwhelmed with inquiries. The influx of commonly asked questions and new communication inquiries have staff waiting too long to get answers and preventing an already taxed HR team from focusing on key priorities.

A conversational HR Knowledge Bot allows your staff to self-serve, ask specific questions and get specific answers without placing pressure on your HR department.  Using a Knowledge Bot, you can take the knowledge that you already have in the department and make it extremely accessible to your staff quickly, providing immediate responses to the challenges we're facing in this time of need. This solution will allow you to empower your staff with the ability to quickly access your existing knowledge-base and give them answers they are looking for by self-serving into this conversational communication channel.

 A FAQ-oriented Knowledge Bot can be up and running in your business within as little as 2 business days.

Unprecedented Inbound Call Volumes

Unprecedented Inbound Call VolumesDo you have online tools or information that would help your customers if only they knew about, or thought about them?  Would it be easier to deal with customer communications over chat and email while your workers are remote?  Do you need a “circuit breaker” when calls get out of hand? 

SMS is a great way to communicate links to specific online resources instead of just playing a message telling customers to navigate a website.  We have techniques for adding SMS send options to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems,  auto-attendants, or corporate voicemail boxes.  We can work with your existing call flow to try to offload some of your existing call volume,  or establish an SMS enabled emergency interceptor to help you move all your phone traffic to other channels. 

SMS options can be implemented in a matter of hours after meeting with you to make sure your existing equipment will support a simple transfer to an SMS enabled gateway. 

Inundated Customer Service Staff

Inundated Customer Service StaffYour customer-facing teams are overwhelmed as they respond to an influx of inquiries ranging from basic commonly asked questions, to concerns about new procedures and expectations. Creating a channel for your customers to find the information they need on their own has never been more critical.

By implementing a conversational Knowledge Bot, your customers have an effective way to self-serve and find the answers they need quickly, without placing an additional load on your customer-facing staff.  These bot solutions can be implemented and up and running in your business quickly (in as little as 2 days), sharing your organization’s FAQs with customers in a meaningful and intuitive way.

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