As your organization looks to accelerate innovation, get more out of your data, and build new customer experiences you need to modernize the way you build and manage applications by leveraging the Cloud. From our experience as an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner who helps organizations of every kind build applications, we've compiled the resources below for digital innovators to enhance their modern applications.



The Importance of Security in Modern Application Development

Security responsibilities start to take shape well before product release on the Cloud and they continue on indefinitely. It’s important to take the reigns early and control your security posture. Learn from Adam Krieger, one of Online’s Security Architects on the importance of security in modern Cloud applications.


The Importance of Architecting for the Cloud

Learn from Larry Skelly, Principal Consultant/Director of Online's Innovation Lab, on why Cloud architectures increase agility and create a competitive advantage.

Event Recording: How to Unlock the Value of the Cloud

Hosted by the renowned TechExecs Leadership Network and in partnership with AWS, in our latest event, we talked about how you can unlock the full value of the Cloud within your organization.



In this session, we looked at what is different about modern application development and four keys that are essential to getting the value promised by the Cloud. Our panel discussed how you can use modern application development approaches to ensure your customer’s data is protected and that you deliver an amazing customer experience.


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