Transform Customer Experience with Large
Language Models and Generative AI
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In this demo, discover the future of customer interactions. See how our Large Language Model solution integrates seamlessly into a contact center, powering Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs), handling email management, and understanding sentiment, customer issues and language barriers.

Watch this demo to understand how a Large Language Model (LLM):  

  • Integrates into a contact center.

  • Powers an Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) via call.

  • Excels in email channel management.

  • Analyzes sentiment, classifies issues, and summarizes.

  • Understands languages and spelling mistakes.

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Chris Theriault
Senior Director, Customer Engagement
Online Business Systems


David Barentsen

David Barentsen
Senior Consultant, Customer Engagement
Online Business Systems


Transform Customer Experience with LLMs and Gen AI.