Developing a B2B eCommerce Strategy

By Gil Meier on May, 25 2023

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The B2B market is in a high degree of flux, and your B2B strategy will likely revolve around growing your market, staying relevant to your customers and digital transformation. But where do you start?

While deploying an eCommerce site is a technical undertaking involving developers, system architects and security experts – it is much more than just a technical exercise. Several related considerations must be addressed to ensure the solution drives maximum value.

The Best eCommerce Strategies

The best eCommerce strategies start with a firm grasp of the present, both internally and externally. Understanding the threats facing your company and the opportunities available in the market to exploit will allow you to decide what direction you wish to take in the strategy. Without this understanding, threats can blindside you and your strategy will not reach its goals or deliver the key results.

Several common forces are often considered to assess the market conditions for B2B organizations:

  • Market forces
  • Macro-economic forces
  • Industry forces
  • Digital Trends

Typical strategies that address the various forces acting on your market conditions:


This additional diagram outlines the vital steps in creating the eCommerce strategy, including the implementation roadmap.




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