Salesforce Care Packages: How Online & Salesforce can Help During COVID-19

By Jordan Ostapiuk on May, 15 2020

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Jordan Ostapiuk

Our partners at Salesforce have put together timely and thoughtful 'care packages' for existing Salesforce clients and also others who may be interested in learning more about their various services.

These are packages that help enable businesses to quickly "scale up" and consider some of the Salesforce tools that are being made available at no cost for 90 days, to help them deal with these challenging times while exploring the vast toolkit that Salesforce can provide. 

Jamie Michie, Content Specialist for Online's Marketing team, had a quick and candid chat with Jordan Ostapiuk a Principal Consultant for Online Business Systems' Salesforce practice, around some of these care packages, and how organizations can access them.


This quick video describes some of the services available at no cost for 90 days, as well as how to access more valuable Salesforce information.

Visit the link below for full care package details:

The above link describes the tools to made available to help address common use cases we suspect are of interest to many of our clients (whether they use Salesforce or not): 

  • Small Businesses can access a Salesforce Essentials environment, to help them track and communicate how they've engaged their clients - and understand the implications COVID-19 is having on their ability to serve their own customers. 

  • Any business can leverage a fully packaged Salesforce solution to help alleviate and address COVID-19 concerns, for both employees and external customers. This solution provides self-service help centers (public facing websites), FAQ, SMS alerts, and more. Get omni-channel workspaces for agents, AI-powered bots for customers, and gain peace of mind for your business as you navigate COVID-19.  

  • If you consider Data as the new Oil, everyone can enrich themselves with two tools focused on data analytics: Tableau Desktop and Tableau Data Prep. Tableau Desktop can help them visualize their data to better understand where opportunities are or how they can position themselves in the current crisis. As well, they can leverage the same tools to prepare themselves as the crisis stabilizes and things start to resume back to normal. Tableau Data Prep is a tool to help clean up the data, standardize values and get it ready for analysis regardless of where it came from! 

  • Salesforce provides tools to support collaboration among team members with an innovative collaboration "suite" called Quip. In Quip, users can create living documents & spreadsheets, and collaborate real-time on the details within each document!  Additional benefits of their platform is that it was designed for "mobile first", allowing users to work fully from their mobile devices as needed! 


Online Business Systems is proud to be a: 

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