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Adam Gaydosh

As a Principal Security Consultant at Online Business Systems with over 20 years in the security industry, Adam has worked to grow our PCI practice and other offerings in RSP, including as a member of Online’s PCI Steering Committee. Adam has been a QSA since 2008 and has performed assessments across a wide range of industries and technologies, with a focus on cloud. Adam has expertise in numerous other regulatory standards, risk assessment and security governance, and earlier in his career performed network and web application penetration tests, forensics and network security integration. In addition to being a QSA, Adam is also a certified 3DS Assessor, as well as holds his CISSP and CISA.
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Understanding the Changes to Appendix A1: Multi-Tenant Service Providers
By Adam Gaydosh on April 21, 2022

Are you a SaaS? Do you offer various shared services to merchants and other service providers with access to resources or services being logically controlled or partitioned to keep...

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