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Maryann Douglass

Maryann Douglass, a Principal Consultant and PCI QA Lead with Online’s Risk, Security and Privacy practice, has over 17 years of PCI experience. She spent the first 13 years maintaining the PCI compliance program for a major US retailer. In 2018, Maryann joined Online as a consultant to help clients achieve their PCI compliance. Now, as a QSA, Maryann leads the PCI assessments. Helping others to achieve their goals is important to Maryann. She joined other female teammates to create and deliver a presentation that encourages other females to make the leap into the cybersecurity world, making it clear that they already have some of the skills and can acquire the skills they don’t. She has developed and presented security topics to a local University. As a board member for the Georgia State University Perimeter College Board of Advisors, Maryann shares her security, privacy, and governance experience to support students attending her alma mater.
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Web Application Firewall - Automated Technical Solution
By Maryann Douglass on April 21, 2022

There are now two options to meeting the new requirement 6.4.2 for a web application firewall: WAF or RASP. Notice I didn’t say manual code review!

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