5 Essential Digital Transformation Levers

By Gil Meier on November, 3 2022

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Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to work with clients at the early
stages of their digital transformation journey. My team is often asked to come in
and help work through strategy, develop roadmaps, and ultimately prioritize what is
going to be done first.

While not always spoken aloud, a common question or line of thinking tends to
emerge at the start of each project – what are the levers we have to make this go

The truth is, there isn’t always a way to go “faster”, but there are levers (or areas of
considerations) that we typically look at that help set the direction, scope, and pace
of the work that follows.



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About Gil Meier, Principal Consultant, Digital Transformation 

Gil Meier is passionate about ever-changing digital technology and its opportunities in various industries, particularly B2B.

Gil helps companies define and deliver their digital transformation growth by applying innovative products, services, and business models that take advantage of digital technologies.




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