How to Optimize Your B2B eCommerce Website

By Gil Meier on September, 22 2022

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When it comes to eCommerce, there are a wide range of industries and subsequent products that can be obtained online. There are also misconceptions about what will perform better than others due to consumer behaviour.

In this heavily researched whitepaper, Gil Meier, explores various areas of eCommerce optimization across several industries, and highlights important areas of consideration for even the most discerning of eCommerce providers.

With the growing adoption of eCommerce, it's vital to ensure that your customers can access the products they need from you, in ways that is most appealing and convenient, to them.

eCommerce adoption continues to increase,
are you prepared for it?



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About Gil Meier, Principal Consultant, Digital Transformation 

Gil Meier is passionate about ever-changing digital technology and its opportunities in various industries, particularly B2B. Gil helps companies define and deliver their digital transformation growth by applying innovative products, services, and business models that take advantage of digital technologies.



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