Data breaches can be very costly and are unfortunately becoming a common trend in the news. Not only do they cost companies millions of dollars in fines, but they can cost enough reputational damage to jeopardize sales. A recent article on discusses how last year’s security breach of Yahoo! Inc. forced the company to drop their sale price to Verizon by $350 million dollars. There would likely be additional costs incurred to resolve the issue itself and repair any damage to the brand image. The article even goes on to say that Verizon, at one point, considered cancelling the purchase of Yahoo! Inc. altogether. 

Many companies leverage tools and processes to manage security risks, but there are common pitfalls which lead to gaps, delays, prolonged risk exposure and unnecessary expenses. For example, companies routinely scan their systems for security threats, but there are many reasons why the threats, even if found, aren’t contained before they lead to a security incident. One reason is that companies are faced with separate systems and processes for their IT and security operations. These separations lead to manual handoffs between departments and delays which result in security risks remaining uncontained for months. 

As companies become more mobile and digital, their infrastructures become more distributed, resulting in even more threats and systems to manage. In addition, most companies are prioritizing their security threats without any true visibility into which threats pose the highest risks to their critical business assets. As a result, mission critical servers may get attention later then security threats on lower priority assets. The good news is that with the right partner in your corner, these inefficient processes can be streamlined and automated, saving you time, money, and lost sleep.

Online can help you avoid breaches and reduce threats altogether with the Online Security Integration Framework. We can assess your existing systems and processes, and help you to automate the manual processes that lead to long delays. We’ll also help you consolidate and integrate the systems you already have which will:

  • Reduce your exposure to security risks
  • Speed remediation of your security threats
  • Reduce your costs
  • Help you prioritize and remediate the risks to your critical business systems
  • Automate the handoffs between IT and security

Online has over 30 years experience helping customers solve critical business challenges including security, service management and IT operations. Learn more about Online's Service Management practice here or leave a comment below to continue the conversation.

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