So Much Has Changed

By Chuck Loewen on May, 23 2019

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Chuck Loewen

Our founder and CEO, Chuck Loewen, reflects on the ever-changing landscape for businesses in 2019, and what he believes has helped Online stay current, after 33 years.

There’s no question that we work in an exciting time.

The rate of change is unprecedented. Our Clients are tackling challenges they have never had to deal with before, using the very latest advancements in technology.

The technology we were using not that long ago has been replaced, or at the very least, has evolved, into a tool set that allow us to address problems in completely new ways. It’s common today to talk about bots and artificial intelligence and customer journeys – when it was only a handful of years ago those topics were rarely, if ever, on the agenda.


We work in a time of massive disruption.

Traditional business models are being completely disrupted and those companies that innovate fast and early are quickly out in front.  We regularly talk to clients who are having to lead their companies through transformation as “new ways” are replacing the “old ways” very, very quickly.

We work in a time when everything has changed. 

Look around and think about all the changes you’ve seen over the years. Today the average lifespan of a public company in the United States is about 30 years. Statistics tell us that about one-third of companies will not survive the next five years because they will not be able adapt to changing realities. The impact that could have is staggering.

I can’t help but think that while so much has changed, there are some things that haven’t changed at all.

Online has had the privilege of helping our Clients solve challenges since we opened our doors almost 33 years ago. When companies needed to modernize and streamline processes, we were there for them. When software and new applications didn't exist, we built them. If someone said it couldn't be done, we showed them a new way to get it done and achieve their goals.

The thrill of tackling hard problems and celebrating innovation alongside our clients never grows old – whether it be a result of a digital disruption, the need to improve customer experience, or a program to improve their security posture. We continue to believe that technology consulting can, and should be; different.


We don’t have customers:
We have Clients who we treat like partners and friends.

Goals-1 We believe that a results-focused approach to consulting ensures that the goals of each and every project or engagement is met.
great things We know that when great people, who share a set of common values, work together, they can accomplish great things.


As I reflect on all that has changed in the last 33 years, I find myself grateful. The truth is that while our services have changed, and many of our skills have evolved; there are many things about Online that haven’t changed. 

I want to thank you for you partnering with us. Without a doubt, many more changes are ahead, and we look forward to working through them with you – just like we always have.

It's not just what we do. It's how we do it.

Results. Guaranteed.

Chuck HeadshotChuck Loewen is the Founder of Online Business Systems,
a company he envisioned where business and technology professionals would have fulfilling careers and be treated like friends, and clients would be treated with the utmost respect and see real value.

Chuck holds the positions of President and CEO of Online Business Systems, a leading business and IT consulting firm with 300 professionals and seven offices in Canada and the U.S. Chuck is responsible for Online’s corporate strategy, overseeing day-to-day operations, and is very involved in building long-term relationships with clients and partners.

Over the years, Chuck and Online have been honoured with numerous awards for entrepreneurship, strong management, and growth, as well as for being one of Canada’s best places to work. In 2017, Chuck received the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Science 2017 Honoured Alumni Award for exceptional achievement in computer science. Chuck is very active in the community, chairing or participating in numerous community-oriented organizations.

Do you have any questions about Online Business Systems, Digital Transformation, or Cybersecurity? Chuck would love you hear from you!


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