Your Digital Experience and Marketing are Missing the Mark

By Salesforce Practice Team on May, 28 2024

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Salesforce Practice Team

Your Digital Experience and Marketing are Missing the Mark

Are you struggling to make
a lasting impression on your customers in a crowded digital marketplace?

In this post, we explore how Salesforce's marketing solutions can transform your customer's digital experience, ensuring that every interaction with them is not just seen but felt. By the end of this read, you'll discover actionable strategies and frameworks that promise to enhance your customer engagement and retention, setting your brand apart in today's competitive landscape.

It’s a digital-first world, and we’re just living in it. The pandemic accelerated a big paradigm shift in customer experience - personalized customer interactions are no longer just a luxury—they're an expectation. If your organization isn't personalizing digital experiences, you may struggle to retain customer interest and loyalty. That’s why Online Business Systems (Online) partners with Salesforce, leveraging its robust suite of personalization tools to help improve the relevance of each digital interaction. Let’s take a look at a few key aspects:

Short on time? Watch Gerauld Rivera, Senior Salesforce Marketing Consultant at Online, explain how to launch a personalized digital experience using Marketing Cloud in three stages. (1:45 min)


Understanding the Gap in Personalize Digital Experience: 

Many businesses are still stuck in the era of mass marketing, using outdated methods that treat all customers the same. This one-size-fits-all approach can lead to customer disengagement and a dilution of the brand experience.  

Take a look at the image below. It shows just how difficult it can be to juggle all of the different data sources that are often needed to create a more tailored experience. This sort of chaos tends to make it tough to keep things consistent and personal for your customers. We have found that one of the best ways to address this problem is to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud and leverage its advanced AI and analytics capabilities.   

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What does this practically mean for your business? With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can pull all that data together from various touchpoints seamlessly. It enables you to craft personalized customer experiences that hit the mark every time—not just because they’re relevant, but because they’re timely and engaging throughout the customer journey.

Let’s explore some of the main challenges organizations face today:

CX Today-2

  1. Disparate Data Sources: Data collected across different channels usually resides in silos. These isolated data pools prevent a unified view of customer activities, leading to a fragmented understanding of customer needs and preferences. 
  2. Aggregation Challenges: Without sophisticated tools, aggregating this data into a comprehensive format is time-consuming and prone to errors. Many organizations rely on manual processes, using spreadsheets that are not only inefficient but also unable to provide real-time insights. 
  3. The Bottleneck of Disparate Spreadsheets: Reliance on multiple spreadsheets for data analysis is a significant bottleneck. It leads to slow iteration times for marketing campaigns and customer service improvements, as updates and changes cannot be applied swiftly. 
  4. Gated Data and Slow Iteration: In environments where data is gated—restricted by departmental barriers or cumbersome IT processes—response times to market changes are inevitably slow. This gating also affects how quickly an organization can pivot its strategies based on customer feedback or emerging trends. 
  5. The Need for a Single Source of Truth: To overcome these challenges, a single source of truth is essential. This unified data source enables businesses to analyze and segment customer data effectively, ensuring that the right messages reach the right audience at the right time. 
  6. Activating Customer Insights: With all data points integrated and accessible, organizations can activate these insights across various engagement channels, ensuring a consistent and personalized customer experience. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts operational efficiency. 


Streamlining Customer Experiences with Online Business Systems: From Data to Action with Marketing Cloud 

Delivering truly personalized digital experiences requires integrating and analyzing customer data across all touchpoints. Our team has seen firsthand what happens when you implement the Salesforce Marketing Cloud framework and can attest to the powerful way it transforms the way our clients listen, harmonize, unify, analyze, and act on their customer data to enhance engagement across multiple channels.  

We like to break it down into a series of steps:

Personalize CX

  1. Listen and Connect Data Sources: Salesforce can help your organization collect comprehensive data from a variety of sources like web behavior, mobile usage, email interactions, CRM activities, analytics tools, and direct customer engagements. By connecting these diverse data sources, we establish a holistic view of how your customers interact with your brand. 
  2. Harmonize and Unify: The next step is to harmonize the collected data into a unified customer profile. We utilize sophisticated data modeling and mapping techniques within Salesforce to ensure all your information is aligned and transformed into a structured format. This unified profile is vital for generating in-depth insights into each of your customer's preferences and behaviors. 
  3. Analyze and Segment: With a unified customer profile established, we use Salesforce's advanced analytics to analyze and segment the collected data. This allows us to segment your audience based on specific criteria, enabling us to tailor your marketing efforts more precisely. By doing so, we ensure that the most relevant messages are delivered to each customer, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns. 
  4. Act - Engage Across Channels: Finally, equipped with actionable insights and clearly defined customer segments, we can execute effectively. Using Salesforce, we orchestrate personalized engagement across various channels such as web, mobile, email, CRM, and in-person interactions. Salesforce enables us to deliver these tailored experiences at scale, whether it’s through personalized emails, custom web ads, or specific offers within an app.

Shape the Future of Your Digital Experience

As customer experience continues to evolve, Online’s Salesforce team is committed to leveraging all of the new innovations in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help our clients redefine their business and customer interactions.

Looking to improve your Digital Experience and personalize marketing strategies? Online Business Systems has consultants who can assist you with the right implementation and execution. Contact us today or check out our Salesforce Consulting Solutions.

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