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You have IAM controls defined - now what?

Posted by Dan Legault on Jun 21, 2017 3:26:42 PM

To implement security measures efficiently, organizations should start with the definition of policies and procedures and then focus on implementation projects.

IAM LIFECYCLE-1.jpgOne of the critical security measures is to enforce IAM controls throughout your organization.  In the course of working with hundreds of clients over the years, we’ve found that most organizations lack appropriate IAM policies and procedures, thus creating security deficiencies. 

Once IAM controls are defined, companies face the challenge of enforcing them in the execution model of a program and/or project – this requires the adoption of an IAM controls lifecycle to support on-going compliance with your policies.

In Insights – IAM Controls Lifecycle, I review 4 critical phases of the IAM Control Lifecycle which includes:  Controls Management, Evaluation, Integration, and Maintenance.  You can download a copy of Insights – IAM Controls Lifecycle here.  I hope this Insights piece encourages you to expand your IAM strategy with the goal of maximizing the value of your IAM investment and reducing your risk. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and welcome your questions. 

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