Cybersecurity Awareness Month Recap

By Risk, Security & Privacy Team on November, 5 2021

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Risk, Security & Privacy Team

October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Throughout October, our Risk, Security & Privacy team shared a number of posts aimed at helping our subscribers stay cyber-safe by becoming cyber-aware. We are pleased to be able to make those available in today's post. 
CSA Recap

Top 5 Tips to Safeguard Your Device

5 Tips to Safeguard Your Device

As we rely on our mobile phones for more and more uses: email, online banking, online shopping, social media, photo storage, etc., we need to be aware that our mobile devices hold a lot of our personal information.

Privacy Pendulum

The Privacy Pendulum

Around the world, privacy laws are being enacted and these laws have “teeth”, and even “jaws”; the penalties and fines are enormous. Privacy laws make it very clear – it is your data and your identity. You own it and you control it.  What do the privacy laws changes mean for you? What are your privacy rights?

Dark Web

What is the Dark Web? 

Have you’ve ever been in a conversation and heard the ominous term “Dark Web”, when referencing nefarious characters and illegal activity on the Internet and found yourself wondering “What exactly is the Dark Web?” -you’re not alone. 

become a human firewall-3


Become a Human Firewall

Cybercrime is moving at light speed. Cybercriminals have figured out how to circumvent security systems through many attack vectors, but the one method that is proven to be the most successful is humans.

To defend against Phishing attacks, you need to build a strong, frontline human firewall that, no matter the distraction, will not be fooled.

Don't hesitate to let us know what you think of our posts, or if you have any questions. Stay safe!

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Our team prioritizes business results with cybersecurity strategies. Our experts engineer security into our solutions from the very beginning, laying the foundation for digital business transformation success.

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