Five Ways AppDynamics Can Improve Your Security Posture

By Jon Fraser on November, 14 2016

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Online is proud to be an AppDynamics AppSphere partner. If you are new to the application performance monitoring discussion, AppDynamics is the place to start. AppDynamics gathers all the information you need about the performance of your systems and processes and puts it into the real-time context of your critical business services – it works (and its very cool). 

What people may not know is that AppDynamics can also act as a monitoring tool for your security environment, helping to identify and prioritize threats as they appear in real-time. As security concerns grow and organizations struggle to improve their responsiveness, having insights early becomes critical to managing your systems.

Five Ways AppDynamics can be used to improve your security posture:

  1. By integrating AppDynamics into your security strategy, you can estimate the impact of an attack on your organization. In addition, AppDynamics provides a holistic view of all your business services, for both your traditional users and security team.
  2. AppDynamics enables you to monitor the performance and security of your business services in real-time, ensuring you are not hit with any unwanted surprises or drops in performance. You can design alerts to notify your security team when unusual behavior occurs from the edges of your environment right through to the Cloud.
  3. With AppDynamics’ real-time monitoring capabilities integrated into your response process, you can ensure timely direct responses to threats. Trouble spots can be identified in seconds and minutes (instead of hours and days using traditional methods) and then investigated and triaged as needed.
  4. In the case of an attack, AppDynamics will help you to identify and prioritize crucial business services so you know exactly what needs to be fixed first. Many traditional tools and processes don’t provide the business context around service issues. For example, on Black Friday you would want to focus first on your POS system and then on your boardroom scheduling system.
  5. Ensure your organization is meeting all security and regulatory compliance requirements by integrating AppDynamics with the Online Security Integration Framework. Our framework enables the end-to-end management of security threats to your organization, from detection to remediation, creating an unbroken audit trail for risk remediation and regulatory compliance.

These are five ways your organization can become more secure by taking advantage of the extensive capabilities of the AppDynamics product suite. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me or visit the Service Management page of our website here.


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