Intelligent Virtual Agent Task Library

By John Leithead on August, 20 2021

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John Leithead

Our partner Five9 often leads the conversation on how to deliver superior customer experiences that originate in the contact center service; one of those recent advances is with Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs). I've found that while many people are becoming more familiar with IVAs there is often some uncertainty around what exactly it is that these IVAs can provide.

Today, I wanted to share with you a simple and comprehensive Task Library that outlines a number of practical use cases for IVAs, and highlights some of the many features and benefits they offer. If you’re curious, or trying to figure out where to start - this is for you.

Are you interested in Intelligent Virtual Agents and don't know where to start?


In this Task Library eBook, our partner Five9 explores a number
of common IVA use cases that are pre-built and ready-to-use through
their Studio Task Library.

Download it today to learn more!


task library cover screenshot



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Get latest articles directly in your inbox, stay up to date