Why Upgrading Your ERP Isn't the Answer

By Chris Harper on July, 16 2021

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Chris Harper

In today's post, we invite you to tune in to hear from Chris Harper, Online's Senior Director of Digital Transformation - Digital Advisory Services, on why upgrading your Enterprise Resource Planning System might not be the answer.

In this short video, Chris shares how you can unlock a B2B competitive advantage by leveraging the digital technology you already have, including your ERP system! 

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"The key is to focus on the digital transformations that will allow you to access value for yourself and your customers more quickly."

Three tips that will help you drive revenue growth and propel customer retention in an increasingly digitizing industry:

1. Leverage Your Data

2. Implement eCommerce Capabilities 

3. Understand Your Customers

"The easier it is to buy, the easier it will be for the customer to buy from you, as opposed to your competitors."

To learn more, check out our 5 Essential Digital Transformation Levers blog that discusses the best areas to focus on when pursuing digital transformation! 


About Online's Digital Advisory Services

Digital Transformation is ultimately about using technology to create dramatic change. Our Digital Advisory Services include Assessment, Strategy and Roadmap, Enterprise Performance Management, and Robotic Process Automation.

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About Chris Harper 

Chris HarperChris Harper has been working at Online Business Systems for 3 years and is the Senior Director of Digital Advisory Services. Chris is a uniquely diversified Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Business Analysis Professional who uses his skills and expertise to help organizations unlock a competitive advantage using digital transformation. 

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