Minimum Viable Process

By Adelle Rewerts on July, 29 2021

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Adelle Rewerts

Today we are pleased to feature a vlog post from Adelle Rewerts, a Senior UX Architect with Online Business Systems, who introduces a new concept our Digital Studio teams are embracing - Minimum Viable Process.


In this video, Adelle discusses the disconnect that we often see between the theory of Minimum Viable Products, and the products we create that are rarely “minimal” or “viable”. Instead of focusing on Minimum Viable Products, our team focuses on the process, not the product. Users are at the core of our methodology, so our clients and product teams can create products that actually work for the people using them, ultimately creating product momentum. 

We invite you to take a few minutes to hear Adelle explain this concept more fully:



In order to build a viable product, you need to ask yourself:

1. Who is going to use the product?

2. Who is going to buy the product?

3. What will the user do with the product?

4. Why will they care about the product? 

Minimum Viable Process is how we can validate the direction, and minimize the inherent risks of building a new product.




Want to learn more? Our Digital Studio Team participates in Online’s Ask the Expert program and is happy to meet with you to discuss how you can get started leveraging the concept of Minimum Viable Process to build products that work. 


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About Adelle Rewerts

Adelle RAdelle Rewerts knows a thing or two about UX and Product Strategy. She’s been at the forefront of emerging tech for over 20 years.

She uses her background in innovation, product, data, and user experience to align business vision, technical realities, and user context to create effective products. But the best part is the way her process empowers and engages teams to do great work.

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