Working From Home AGAIN With Kids? Read This

By Marketing Team on May, 13 2021

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Marketing Team

Working remotely has become the normal for many professionals today.  As regions respond to COVID-19, we are seeing some cities tighten up their restrictions which has school age children attending classes remotely once again. While not a reality for all, it’s not an unrelatable challenge.


For my daughter and I, the restrictions we’ve seen in place over the year have provided us with a way to spend more time together. I work, while she enjoys a daily mix of outside time with our dog, or quiet time inside with a book or coloring.  And yes, there is also “screen time” because, while online learning is a thing, so is cartoon time for a 6-year old. For us, this has been a relatively easy transition.

But we know we're fortunate.

I find myself wondering what the situation would be like if she was much younger.
Or perhaps, a bit older! What would it be like if it was her, plus two more little ones, all doing remote learning together?

And that train of thought (and anxiety) leads me to recall a blog we posted around this time last year written by a wise Onliner and single mom of three, whose candid delivery and brilliant adoption of Agile to her lockdown family life was embraced by many.

Even if you are not in the unique situation of managing remote-learning and working full-time, I think you will find this piece refreshing, and inspiring. There may be someone in your circle that would benefit from experimenting with Sivan's brilliance, and everyone can surely benefit from her sense of humor and candid approach.  


Click here to read her blog from last May, 2020:
Working From Home, With Children? Agile can Help.



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