Which Era of Service are Your Customers Receiving?

By Customer Engagement Team on February, 19 2021

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Customer Engagement Team

The 80's were fun, but the technology left a lot to be desired...

Many years ago I worked at the customer service desk for a major retailer. The desk was a busy place where customers would come to return items, fill in credit card applications,  provide credit card payments, and raise service concerns. Everything was paper based and manual. Paper Credit applications were completed at the desk and then mailed to head office for processing. (remember carbon copy sheets??)

It was a different world, and when I look back it feels like a lifetime ago.

Customer service has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Consumer expectations have changed as technology has enabled more efficient and convenient methods for meeting needs. Businesses that have been able to effectively integrate these changes have leap frogged ahead of their competition, changing the landscape. 

Staying on top of new ways of interacting with your customers is not an easy task. Investments in infrastructure leave some organizations trying to retrofit older solutions to meet rising customer expectations, and the results are not often as streamlined as they were intended to be. 

Not long ago, our customer Engagement team shared an overview of the changes they have seen...


Download our Customer Service timeline and identify the stage your current customer service program is at, compared to available technology...

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