Get Smarter About Your Customers With Salesforce Einstein

By Marshall Cram on June, 2 2021

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Marshall Cram

Making use out of what you have. To remain competitive, your company needs to take advantage of every opportunity to be smarter, more agile, more relevant, and more in tune with your customers’ needs.

One of the best places to start is to leverage the data you already have

Salesforce Einstein-1


Recently, during an internal Lunch and Learn session, I had the opportunity to introduce a team of Onliners to the powerful features of Salesforce Einstein (Einstein). Einstein is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine of Salesforce. It uses your data to provide Predictive Analysis, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning capabilities.

For most of the team, this was the first chance they’d had to see Einstein in action, and many were surprised by its ability to provide, not only meaningful insights but ways for users to be more effective and efficient.

If an organization is already using Salesforce to capture their data, then they are in the enviable position of being able to use this data to make better decisions leading to improved marketing, sales, and service. It doesn’t stop there though - Einstein brings together all the data contained in Salesforce and couples it with email, calendar, social and external data, to continuously improve its AI capabilities.

Einstein can help an organization in a variety of different ways, but as I shared with our internal team, I’d like to focus on the readily available and included* features of Einstein for your Sales and Service teams.

*Enterprise Edition. Please check your version or reference the Einstein Cheat Sheet provided by Salesforce for a complete list of available features and pricing.

Einstein for Sales-2

Einstein for Sales

Sales Cloud Einstein includes automated data entry and provides predictive analytics to help you achieve your sales goals. Einstein analyzes your CRM data, Account, Opportunity (including previous Opportunities), and Activities to provide insights and recommendations on where your sales team should spend their time.

Einstein Activity Capture: 

Einstein Activity Capture connects to Gmail or Office 365, and automatically syncs customer communications to Salesforce. When Salesforce Sales Cloud users send and receive emails or calendar events, Einstein Activity Capture adds the messages to appropriate records in Salesforce, thus eliminating the need to spend time searching for meeting invites or email responses. All of the captured messages are visible in Activity Timeline within Salesforce.

Activity Capture


Einstein Opportunity Insights:

Einstein Opportunity Insights uses data from your sales cycles and customer interactions to identify unique patterns about your sales cycles. It recognizes when deals are on track, or at risk, and offers recommendations on the best actions to accelerate sales and increase win rates.

Salesforce Opportunity Insights

Einstein for Sales and Service-1

Einstein for Sales and/or Service

Einstein Prediction Builder: 

You can create a custom prediction on any standard or custom object e.g., Case, Contact, or Invoice. You can learn more about Einstein Prediction Builder here

Next Best Action:

Once you have your custom prediction built, tested, and tweaked, it is then time to incorporate the power of Salesforce automation. Next Best Action helps your teams by evaluating the prediction and making recommendations based on it. For example, thresholds can be set up to propose different offers based on the predictive score. Once you have the Next Best Action built, you would simply add the component to the Salesforce page and your team is now able to make recommendations to your clients leveraging Einstein AI.

Of course, you will want to be sure that your custom prediction is accurate. Salesforce provides ways to do just that. Check out this article to learn ways to validate your predictions.

Einstein for Service-1

Einstein for Service

Service Cloud Einstein improves your customer service. I highlighted Next Best Action above, which is available in both Sales and Service Cloud. While I won't go into details here, it is worth looking into the power of Einstein Bots if you are looking to provide customer service across various channels, i.e. chat or messaging.

Article Recommendations:

Article Recommendations presents relevant knowledge articles to solve customer inquiries. Over time, Einstein builds a model using data from past closed cases. The model proactively examines new cases as they come in, identifies keywords, phrases, and text field values within the case, and suggests articles that are most likely to solve the problem.

These recommendations appear right where agents work so there’s no need to manually search for or sift through long lists of articles; agents can simply select the most relevant articles from a shortlist to attach to cases and send to customers.

Salesforce Article Recommendations

Driving Value

Leveraging the power of Salesforce Einstein and Online’s expertise is an extremely powerful way to maximize your investment in Salesforce, and in doing so, achieve better business results.

There are many different features and options as part of Salesforce Einstein. If you’re interested in learning I’d recommend looking at the Einstein Readiness Assessor, available in Setup within your org, or reaching out to a trusted Salesforce Partner like Online Business Systems. We would love to chat with you and help you figure out the best path forward.


- Marshall Cram,  Director, Salesforce Practice



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