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By Marketing Team Elves on December, 18 2019

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Marketing Team Elves

Is it this time of year already?! The time of year when the days literally fly off the calendar. When we sit back and consider all that transpired. The many projects, trends, buzzwords, predictions, challenges, and success stories that shaped our year.

It's also the time when we round up some of our favorite blogs that we published in 2019.  While it’s hard for us to pick our Top 10, we did our best. We hope you like the list our team put together.



#10: When is the last time your security program had a check-up?


Onliner Adam Kehler is a Principal Consultant and Healthcare Practice Lead with our Risk Security and Privacy practice, and a passionate believer in the importance of mature security practices for healthcare organizations. Over the last number of years, Adam has been asked to speak at numerous conferences and events on the importance of effective security measures being implemented in the healthcare industry. Read the full blog here.

#9: There's no question that we work in an exciting time...


We appreciate the perspective given here from our Founder and CEO, Chuck Loewen. We don't often get the opportunity to have a blog piece come off his desk, as he is constantly involved with ongoing projects and travelling to meet with Clients.

In this blog, "So Much has Changed", Chuck reflected on 33 years and how those three decades of transformation enabled Online to build on a steady foundation.

"Online has had the privilege of helping our Clients solve challenges since we opened our doors almost 33 years ago. When companies needed to modernize and streamline processes, we were there for them. When software and new applications didn't exist, we built them. If someone said it couldn't be done, we showed them a new way to get it done and achieve their goals." Read more on this special word from our CEO here.


#8: Innovation and governance in Digital Transformation


We found post #8 to be of particular importance for 2019 as companies raced to define what Digital Transformation means to their organization, and what is involved in making that concept a tangible reality. Our DT members assert that when a massive adjustment, such as a digital transformation is planned, that organizations ensure they have asked the right questions and made the right adjustments to optimize the desired results of the transformation.

This particular blog lays out a game plan:

"New technologies combined with new business paradigms are driving innovation at a blistering pace. Changes to organizations and technologies used to be measured in years and sometimes decades – today those changes are happening on an almost daily basis. With the advent of concepts such as AI and DevOps, we are seeing technologies being introduced and enhanced at a velocity that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. Are you on the right path?" Learn more here.


#7: Why work with our Digital Studio?


Being able to design a new digital product for one of our Clients is something the members of our Digital Studio team are passionate about. We love the subject of this blog, and the concept that digital products are more than just apps, or systems. In reality, they are works of art that elicit action and create a positive user experience for our valued Clients and their customers. The concept of Design Thinking may decorate your mind with possibilities.....

"The value we place on Design Thinking enables us to create products that deliver amazing Client experiences. It's this value that shapes how our Digital Studio's team functions and ultimately what makes our team different from our developer friends on the IT side of the house. The Digital Studio leverages Online’s 30+ years of practical, expert development and integration experience, but pours around it a unique culture where ideas and research come together with creative talent to produce something bigger than a package of code."

#6: Do you have these misconceptions on Agile Retrospectives?


We love featuring posts from our team that help everyone improve. Our recent post on Agile Retrospectives was so warmly received it had to make our list of Top 10 blogs. 

If you want to help your team improve their Agile retrospectives you’ll want to read this post!

"Retrospectives provide the entire team to take a closer look at what they have accomplished and consider how effectively they arrived there. It is also an opportunity to share constructive feedback that can improve the team’s collective performance in the upcoming delivery cycles." Read more on this hot topic here.

#5: You've. Been. Hacked.


Those are three dreaded words no person or company wants to every hear!!  

“Some surveys have shown that ransomware losses for businesses can average $2,500 for each incident, with businesses willing to shell out upwards of close to a million dollars to decrypt their data in some instances.

The threat is only growing, as some reports find. The Beazley Group, for example, found that small-to-midsized businesses were at the largest risk. The highest ransom the company paid out for its clients in 2018 was over $930,000.”

Online’s Principal Consultant and Healthcare Practice Lead, Adam Kehler was on vacation when he was alerted of a ransomware incident, and he shares his story with us here today.


#4: 20/20 Vision requires a 360° view


As a customer-centric company, we believe that improving the customer experience is not only critical, but is going to require connecting systems and technology that haven’t historically intersected before.

"What we see are three unique perspectives, customers, employees, and business owners, being driven by various technologies to effectively respond to today’s rising expectations. These perspectives provide a macro-view of the customer journey, as well as acknowledgement of how all the moving parts optimize the entire process." Read the rest here.


#3: There's nothing like a good story


Blog #3 on our list of favorites is all about stories – and the way our Client stores shape us and ultimately weave the fabric that is Online.

Read the rest of our VP of Client Experiences, Greg Loewen's story here. 


#2: You should become pals with privacy


Everyday we are hearing more and more about the rising concerns around privacy.

We invite you to read a post by Online’s Privacy Consultant and Legal Counsel, Laura Sulymosi that unpacks some of the considerations around privacy of information for a meaningful player in the market today.

Did you read about what happened in this privacy blog?


#1: Update from the innovation lab


And in our #1 post of 2019 we want to share a bright piece from our Innovation Lab.

The human brain is conditioned to recognize patterns without even thinking about it, and because of that, anomalies. Patterns construct our everyday world. Classic architecture books such as 'The Timeless Way of Building', that heavily influenced software design, prescribe that buildings be made of the patterns “capable of generating life”. Patterns are deeply embedded in our minds.

But when confronted with large amounts of data, additional dimensions such as time, or patterns too subtle to discern; our minds need assistance. This is the goal of AI: to amplify human ingenuity.  Read the whole blog here.


What did 2019 look like for you?


On the topic of human ingenuity, we often don't appreciate how far we've come along in our digital journeys until we use a retrospective approach and measure how much ground we've covered over a certain amount of time.

2019 has been filled with technological advancements and incredible business solutions that all are made possible by the combination of passionate and innovative approaches that combine or develop technology that enables us to achieve greater results. What a truly exciting time it is here on the IT landscape. 

We encourage you to take a look back at over the last year, take the time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished!  We celebrate them with you. 

Looking forward to 2020!



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